Today is a very special day for me and my husband, Quenton. Well, for me anyway.

It was on this day, twelve years ago that we had our first date. A date like no other I had ever had before. A date that would change my life forever.

After I divorced my first husband and began dating, I found Quenton on I had been on Match for about a year but had narrowed my search to within 100 miles of Evansville, instead of 100 miles around where I was living, Jackson, TN, after accepted a morning show job in the River City. After dating men my age, for a year, I also lowered my age requirements just to see what guys might pop up in my search.

Well, Quenton, my now husband, was the FIRST ONE (profile) at the top of my match list. The photos on his profile weren't the best, but what he had to say about what he was looking for, had my name written all over it. I know that's like saying someone used to read Playboy for the articles. LOL But, it was true, all I really had to go by was what he had written.

So, I winked at him. This was the first anonymous step to let someone know that you are interested. In response, he went one step further and sent me an email that left me wanting to get to know him. He joked around with me about my age and short height. I thought it was refreshing and I really liked the fact that he was joking around with me. He also said he would rather talk to somebody on the phone than chat, email, or text. I felt the same way, so we exchanged numbers.

The first time he called me and I heard his voice, I thought I might be in trouble. It was very low, masculine, and southern. He also liked to talk and share stories about his past, work, family, and life. I loved how open and honest he was without any pretense or inhibitions. I could have talked to him all night, Which scared me a little. But, I talked to him every day, sometimes multiple times after that first conversation.

The more I talked to him, the more delightfully afraid I became. I had to meet him. But, I felt like if I did, I would just set myself up to be hurt. I was way too attracted to him and we hadn't even met yet.

Once I had officially moved back to Evansville, he said he wanted to meet me in person and I kept making excuses because I was scared. The more I got to know him, the more I knew if I met him, I might never what to let him go. Not knowing if he would felt the same or would feel the same after he met me, scared me in a way I was unfamiliar with.

Finally, he gave me an ultimatum. He said if I wouldn't meet him in person, there was no need for us to talk anymore. He wanted to meet me to see if there was a connection beyond the phone. After that, I said, yes, I would meet him. He then asked me for my address and I sent him a text with my home address.

This is where the second FIRST TIME comes in. In all of my time on Match, I had NEVER given anyone my address. I had always met them in a public place like any smart, cautious, independent woman would. I just gave him my HOME ADDRESS! What was I thinking? Now, I was convinced I had just given my HOME ADDRESS to a serial killer.

I spent the next hour trying to figure out where and how I was going to move to a new apartment so quickly. Obviously, that wasn't going to be a solution. I thought maybe I could just NOT answer the door. No, if he was a serial killer, he would find a way to kill me. So, the answer was, I had to leave. I would have to get in my car and start a new life in another city. Seemed like a great idea until I heard him pull into the driveway.

I was now stuck in my house as a serial killer was getting ready to knock on my door. What was I going to do? I felt like such an idiot. Why did I give him my address? I tried peeking out the window to get a good look at him in case I survived and needed to give a description of him to a crime artist.

But, I kept missing him. As I would go to every window the only thing I would see was the back of a flip flop. Surely, I could outrun a serial killer wearing flip-flops. Ok, at this point I knew I would have to answer the door and leave it open in case I had to make a run for it.

I stood, looking at the door, waiting for the knock. And, then he knocked. I slowly unlocked the door and opened it. That is when the FIRST SIGHT thing happened. When I saw his amazing blue eyes and his gorgeous smile, I didn't care if he was a serial killer, I was gonna die happy.

He walked through the door, turned around to face me, hugged me, and said it was great to finally meet me. When his arms were wrapped around me, I knew I loved him. At that moment I felt like everything I had ever done, anywhere I had ever been had brought me right here to see his face and know that he was the one.


It was all so strange because I really didn't believe in that kind of love, but it happened, and it happened to me. Did he feel the same that night? No, I've been trying to convince him I'm the one ever since. He'll come around someday. ;-)



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