One Indiana brewery is causing quite a stir online after they announced they're enacting a "no-tipping" policy. Now if you've ever worked in the bar/restaurant industry or if you know someone who has, then you know that tips are how bartenders and servers make a living.  Switchyard Brewing Company in Bloomington is now turning the norm of tipping on its head and has switched to a "no-tipping system."

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So what is a no-tipping system and how does it work?

According to the Facebook post from Switchyard, they're going to be increasing the wage they pay their employees. The wage will start at $15/hour but quickly increase to $18/hour.  On top of the wage increase, they'll be providing benefits as well like free urgent care and mental health visits, unlimited vacation time, one full month of paid parental leave, 32 hours of PTO, and more. They also listed several reasons why tipping is a dated system that I found their take on really interesting. You can check out all the slides and the reasons why they are switching to a no-tipping system, here.

So if you don't tip, how do you show that you appreciated the experience?

We're so accustomed to tipping in the U.S. that we tend to show our appreciation that way.  If you really like the food or service in a restaurant you may tip a little extra.  So what do you do when there is a no-tipping system?  According to Switchyard if you appreciate your experience there and want to let them know you can bring your glass back up the counter when you're done, tell your friends about the brewery, and leave them good reviews online.  They also say a follow on social media helps them out too.  So those are some small ways you can let them know you appreciate their service without tipping.

If you want to show your support for Switchyard Brewing Company, or just try a new craft brewery, be sure to follow them on Facebook.

Tipping etiquette varies in different cultures.

I know that there are different cultures surrounding tipping, but did you know that in many places in Europe tipping is not customary?  According to tipping is appreciated, but isn't customary in many European countries.  For instance in Austria, Italy, and Russia tipping isn't practiced regularly.  The form of "tipping" left is typically just people rounding up the bill to show appreciation for great service.  It's so interesting how tipping is perceived in different cultures, you can check out all about that, here.

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