Over the years, while working at WKDQ, I have had the privilege of working with many non-profit organizations that help children, specifically. One of those, that I have worked with, in both Evansville and Owensboro, is Make-A-Wish. The work they do to make a child with a terminal illness get a with of a lifetime is a magical thing to witness. I had no idea that someday, a child I love, would get one of those wishes.

My nephew, Chris, is all grown up and has a wonderful family of his own. Chris is my nephew by my former husband, but I still, and will always love him, and consider him my nephew for as long as I live. He and his family live in Maryland.

Chris and his wife have three children, the youngest, 6-year-old, Dylann. She was born with mild Down's Syndrome and a condition called neurogenic bladder, which doesn't allow her bladder to empty. Until March of 2019, she showed no symptoms of kidney disorder. But, she suddenly got very sick and had to be hospitalized. The urine had backed up into her kidneys and damaged them damaged so badly, she would need a kidney transplant.  she needed a transplant. In March of 2020, surgeons removed both of Dylann's kidneys and transplanted one from a donor.

Dylann is still undergoing therapy and has to be catheterized every three hours. She is doing so well and back to her beautiful little firecracker self. Now, enter Make-A-Wish. Dylann loves hockey, her dad coaches and many in her family play hockey. So, what did Make-A-Wish do for Dylann? They made her a full basement hockey rink.

Chris Wetzel/Facebook
Chris Wetzel/Facebook

Today was Dylann’s Wish Day and it was more incredible then we could have ever imagined. Make-A-Wish Mid Atlantic made Dylann’s wish come true…her very own ice rink. To make the day even more special she was showered with Frozen gifts, new hockey gear, Chick Fil A, Chocolate Cake and a special conversation with TJ Oshie. We are so grateful she is in such a great place with her health and can enjoy such an amazing gift. Thank you to Make A Wish, Chris at Global Synthetic Ice, the Caps and TJ Oshie…they are truly amazing and have made this little hockey fans dream come true


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Please support our Tristate Make-A-Wish so that they can continue to make the dreams of children like Dylann come true.


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