It seems like scammers are getting more cunning all the time. The ways these criminals are able to manipulate your email and phone are insane. The more calls you don't answer, the more calls you get. It's like they think, if you don't answer this call, they will change it, just enough, until you finally DO answer it. But, I have found a hack on TikTok that just might scare the scammers so much, they might clean up their act.

You see, Roy L. Baker, Jr. has a very smart way of making the scammers think that you, or the voice on your phone, works for the government, and is ready to download their complete phone log and records to see if the number belongs to a possible scammer. It's so amazing, take a look.

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@1roy_jrCIA Fraud Division Coming to a dial tone near you #fyp #foryou #myroyvoice #scam #extendedwarranty #stopcallin #deepvoice #prankwars #comedy #funny♬ CIA Fraud Division - Roy L Baker Jr

Follow, @1roy_jr on TikTok. This guy is full of great ideas. But, I'm here to help too. Around the station, when a client wants a serious, professional, business-sounding voice, my voice is used. So, if you think I should record one of these messages for you to use on your phone, just say the word. I got your back.

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