There is no doubt that the pandemic has had a tremendous impact on each and every one of us and for a number of people in our community, it has created food insecurity - some for the very first time. According to the Tristate Food Bank, one in six people in our community struggles with food insecurity. In a statement on the website for the Tristate Food Bank, their Executive Director, Glenn Roberts said,

The recent crisis surrounding the spread of COVID-19 is affecting our most vulnerable neighbors. Across the food bank network the demands for food relief are increasing. Closed businesses result in employees being put on unpaid leave causing additional hardship for food insecure families. Measures intending to reduce transmission such as quarantines and asking vulnerable populations to stay home are forcing seniors and immunocompromised people to rely on expensive and limited grocery delivery services. Children whose schools have closed do not have access to school meals.

A Tristate manufacturer of plastic material handling products has partnered with the Tristate Food Bank to provide food to those in need. Fibertech, located in Elberfeld, Indiana hopes to help families in need as we head into the holiday season. Fibertech to Families is a mobile food distribution event planned for November 13th 3pm - 6pm in Elberfeld and according to a Facebook event, there are no requirements to receive the food being distributed with the Tristate Food Bank at this event. It is open to anyone in the community. If you plan to take advantage of the event, it is limited to two families per car.

They are currently seeking volunteers for the distribution event on November 13th, as well. If you are interested in volunteering, you can contact Natalie Young at (812) 983-2642 or by email at

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