According to Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap study, there are 19 million meals missing from families’ tables in our Tri-State area each year - 19 million empty plates! That's 19 million too many. Plus, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing an even greater need for food donations. Our friends and neighbors are out of work, and families still need to eat.

So, we are partnering with J.E. Shekell to fill those empty plates with The Tri-State Food Bank.  The Tri-State Food Bank services 33 counties, providing emergency food to help fill the monthly meal gap for needy households. Our ask comes with a challenge, but it's a fun one to create awareness about the Empty Plates and how we can Fill Them!

Donate to The Tri-State Food Bank #FillThePlateChallenge

You can also purchase this 'Special Edition' shirt! A portion of the proceeds will go directly to The Tri-State Food Bank. Each shirt is $20 and is custom made. Hurry! Order by May 20, 2020.

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