Today, you can let your little ones have fun making their own pizzas! Azzip have a pizza making station with crusts, sauce, cheese, and toppings, so the kids can experiment.

Each adult pizza purchase comes with one free kids meal. A kids meal includes their personalized pizza, a drink, and a chocolate chunk cookie.

Before you get in the regular line, please start at the Kids Pizza Making Station.
1. We'll write down your kid's name for their pizza name tag so we can identify it after it bakes.
2. They'll add sauce, cheese, and their choice of meat.
3. Our team will take their pizza creation to the kitchen.
4. Get in line.
5. Order your own pizza as you normally would and let us know your kid's names.
6. All of your pizzas will bake together and come out at the same time.
7. Enjoy!

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