It’s been a while but here we are with another episode of “This Random Object Could be in Short Supply”.  So far, we have had Dr. Pepper, Clorox Wipes, beef, and pepperoni on the show.  Today, our guest is one that many people know and love.  It’s the one condiment that people seem to put on everything.  Please welcome, Ketchup!

This one may seem a bit more random than some of the previously mentioned items but once you see the reasoning it makes a lot of sense.  So, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic people have been ordering in a lot more than usual.  What do you usually do when you order takeout?  You ask for extra sauces.

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The increased need for the red sauce is forcing restaurants to search far and wide to meet the demands of you ketchup lovers.  In the last year, ketchup sales have gone up by 15 percent.  Or, in dollar amounts, over 1 billion dollars.  (insert Dr. Evil face here) Not only are restaurants having issues keeping ketchup in stock but grocery stores are as well.  Again, more people are staying home and overstocking their own shelves.

I can’t say I am too distraught over this news.  You can call me crazy but I am not a fan of ketchup.  If you are, however, you might want to take it easy on the stuff for a while.  Just so that when you do go back out to eat you can have all the ketchup your heart desires.

(H/T: The Wall Street Journal)


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