After all of these years, we now have confirmation that Billy Bob STILL loves Charlene.

In 1993, the world was first introduced to "John Deere Green". Not the color or the tractor, but the hit country song by the late Joe Diffie. If you don't know the song by now, you have been living under a rock for nearly thirty years. Here's a quick refresher on the song:

In the song, Billy Bob climbs on the water tower, on a hot summer night, to let the whole town know that he's in love with a gal named Charlene. He painted a ten-foot heart in John Deere green, that said "Billy Bob loves Charlene" in letters three foot high.

Now, nearly thirty years later, Billy Bob is reminding everyone that he still loves Charlene. Billy Bob strikes again with his romantic vandalism. This time in Kentucky.

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Billy Bob's Love for Charlene is Criminal

While it isn't July, and we aren't sure if this happened during the midnight hour, one vandal defaced a building in Lousia, Kentucky with a message just like the one featured in the song "John Deere Green," on a hot summer night. And you guessed it, the message was painted in John Deere green. According to a recent Facebook post:

Louisa Police Department is seeking information into the Criminal Mischief damage to the old Foodland building. If you have any information please contact 606-638-4058 or email at
Louisa Police Department Facebook
Louisa Police Department Facebook

Clearly, this is a criminal act, so it authorities are taking this seriously. However, I do have to highlight some of the comments on this post because they are too good not to!

<div class="kvgmc6g5 cxmmr5t8 oygrvhab hcukyx3x c1et5uql"><div dir="auto">In a society with such a high divorce rate, it’s good to know that love still conquers all.</div></div><div class="cxmmr5t8 oygrvhab hcukyx3x c1et5uql o9v6fnle"><div dir="auto">Thank you for setting a high standard, Billy Bob. -Sabrina H.</div></div>
The whole town said that he should’ve used red. -Casey P.
Cracked me up! Probably the most wholesome case of vandalism. - Jennifer M.
Good luck fixing it, because I hear there ain’t no paint in the world that’ll cover it. -Cody G.
I don’t think that this should even be prosecuted. Other than the fact that the whole town said it should of been red, it looked good to Charlene. -Thomas R.

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