It's the eternal question: Will the internet ever run out of things that cause immediate division?

Obviously the powers that be hope not. It's the only thing that really gets the masses to engage. No one wants to read about a nice story, something benign that they agree with. You need to be attacking someone, or defending yourself from an attack.

It's getting to be a problem. We've had the internet for a awhile now and we've learned a lot about each other.

Colin Quinn has a wonderful special on Netflix called Unconstitutional. I HIGHLY recommend it. I watch it a few times a year.

In the special he compares the United States before the internet as a dark smoky bar where we each kept to ourselves and really weren't aware of what people were doing in other parts of the country. Then when the internet came around, it was like someone flipped on the lights at closing time and we all got to see the crazy stuff people were doing all over the country.

It started with what we call things. Sneakers vs. tennis shoes. Water vs drinking fountains. Sub vs. hoagie. That kind of thing. It was fun but I think we're starting to run out of regional things to fight about because I'm pretty sure this has to be a joke.

I can't really find anything about it on the internet. If you search mustard pumpkin pie you just get the above picture a few times. There is a reddit post from 2 years ago with the same picture:


Now there was someone who replied to this on Twitter and said that this is a thing that Ohioans do when they're done with food to avoid overeating.

Which makes no sense at all. Just don't eat it. Or put it in the fridge and save it for later. Honestly, I'd rather be known for being a savage that likes mustard on their pie than someone who is just dumping condiments on my plate to trick me into not being fat.

There are no good answers here.

The most likely explanation is that someone a few years ago put mustard on a piece of pie out of boredom, put it on the internet and now strangers are arguing about it.

The internet is a wonderfully horrible place. Thanks for stopping by.

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