Top Chefs Are Against Grilling Burgers
What's the first food you think of to throw on the grill? Burgers of course, well maybe hot dogs, however, a couple of prominent chefs are of the opinion burgers should NOT be grilled. And as you would think, this opinion did not go over well.
A KFC Box in India has a Little Something Extra
As a proud Kentuckian, I have had my share of Kentucky Fried Chicken! Even though I've tried to cut back on having my, "chicken fried," (apologies to the Zach Brown Band) I still enjoy visiting the colonel's place from time to time. I recent...
Hoosier Foodie: Bacon Donuts at the Indiana State Fair
Here in Indiana, fair food is a huge part of the Hoosier diet - with the state’s mad science culinary vision and its you name it, we’ll deep fry it philosophy, you can never really tell, exactly, what sort of bizarre food you will find being served out of a mobile foo…

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