When I taught theater, I loved finding animated kids with awesome imaginations. I raised my own children to follow their creativity wherever it leads them. I often wonder what they would have done creatively if they would have been able to use the camera on my phone.

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I can only imagine the crazy funny videos I would have of all their silliness and random thoughts. Much like this little girl, my youngest son would have been taking videos all the time.

My friend Eric sent me this video and I've watched it over and over again. It is so cute and so creative.

I reached out to her mom and this is what she had to say about the funny and adorable, Raelyn.

<p>Here’s Raelyn!</p><p>A six-year-old from Whitesville, KY, attends St. Mary's School. Raelyn is a sassy, spunky, girly girl that has an amazing imagination! Raelyn is one of five children. Her siblings are Andrew, Owen, Caleb, Vivian. Raelyn keeps Brad and me on our toes! We never know what she’s going to say or do next. I have to say this video caught us off guard! Brad and I started laughing as soon as the video started, we were crying by the end!</p>

In the video, Raelyn starts off talking about her messy hair, and by the end, she's trying to sell you some chickens and impersonating her 'old' mom. It is HILARIOUS!

Don't you love this kid?!?!? I wish I was still teaching theater. Raelyn would be my star student. She would probably be able to teach the teacher a thing or two.

Her mom gave me this information about her family and their farm.

<p>Brad and I have been farming for several years, but just established CRAVO Farm in 2021. Where did CRAVO Farm come from you ask? It’s an acronym formed from the first initial of each child’s name.</p><p>Caleb, Raelyn, Andrew, Vivian, Owen</p><p>The kids help with all the chores on the farm. They feed/water the cows and chickens. They collect eggs. During the spring and summer, you can catch the CRAVO kids working in the garden and stocking their roadside stand with fresh produce.</p><p>We try to post videos to our <a href="https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100083105898280">CRAVO Farm Facebook page</a> as often as we can. Everyone should check our page out from time to time. You never know what will be posted!</p>


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