Social media user Kristen Sotakoun, notkahnjunior on TikTok, is the brilliant creator behind a new viral TikTok series that is taking the internet by storm.

notkahnjunior via TikTok
notkahnjunior via TikTok

Her name is Kristen Sotakoun.  By morning she is a server in Chicago, by night she is the Queen of "consensual doxxing."

Consensual doxxing:

The act of revealing personal information about someone online, with the victim's permission. -kaspersky

How did she start blowing up on TikTok?  She initially responded to another creator who asked her followers to guess her age.  Within minutes, Kristen made a video and found her entire birthday:

After reaching OVER 1 MILLION VIEWS, Kristen had people from all over the world in her comment section requesting she figure out their birthdays, too.

This is how her "consensual doxxing" TikTok series was born!

From having less than 100 followers on TikTok to consistently going viral for nearly a month, Kristen has gained over a whopping 300,000 followers.  Yeah, the power of social media is insane!

Some TikTok users get angry that Kristen never posts "fail" videos where she can't find someone's birthday.  I'm here to tell you: Nobody would want to watch it, so why would she made a video about it?

We all play detective on the internet at some point.  We also love watching other people do the FBI work for us so we don't have to.

That's why Kristen is so successful at this series.

Her videos are also clever, witty, and downright hilarious the way she executes each one.  This TikTok video hit 15 million views and it hasn't even been online for a whole month.

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Even if your account is private, goes by a different name than your own, or even has an obscure profile picture, you're 100% still easily searchable in some way, shape, or form!

Kristen, also known as notkahnjunior on TikTok, is basically ruling the internet with her entertaining, yet informative videos for users curious about social media privacy.

If you want her to figure out your birthday, follow her on TikTok and start commenting on her videos - you could be in her next viral vid!

Also, be careful what you share online!

Watch more TikTok videos by notkahnjunior:

"I'm so interested if you can find my age"

"I don't think my birthday is on the internet"

"My husband is certain you won't be able to find anything on him"

"I can guarantee you couldn't do this with me"

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