There's a mystery in Illinois that has taken a disturbing turn. Someone stole a hearse from a Rockford funeral home. It's fortunately been recovered, but the body that the hearse was carrying is now missing.

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I first saw this reported on by WGN in Chicago. It was based on a tweet from Rockford Police which said the following:

The report says the hearse is a grey 2012 Chrysler Town & County. Authorities found it near Chicago over the weekend. The deceased individual had a maroon velvet cover on him and a white body bag. There is now account for where this man is at this time. What an almost unimaginable trauma for the poor family involved. Here are even more details in a statement released on Twitter by the Rockford Police.

As this is a developing story, it will be updated once new information is released. For the sake of the loved ones of this person, let's hope whoever is responsible will help authorities recover him as soon as possible.

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