A concerned mom believes her 3-year-old son's daycare has been sending home fake updates about her child's progress and interactions with other children while under their care.

Sharing her concerns on parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman claims she noticed some inconsistencies on her son's daycare progress reports.

"His nursery prints pictures off and puts them in a book with the date and a note about what they've been up to, then sends this home with parents at the end/beginning of each term," she wrote via Mumsnet.

The woman explained that her young son has been struggling with the "social aspect" of daycare, and spends most of his time at nursery holding an "adult's hand," rarely interacting with the other kids.

"So I've just received his book and was confused but pleasantly surprised to see quite a few days of him running about without an adult, and playing with another child. However after looking closer these pictures are all from the same 'good' day and I remember them telling me about it," she continued, explaining the daycare appeared to use photos from the same day in January for three separate dates.

"All three pictures are from the same day, also I remember this day as it was so great that he had ran around the playground, held a hand and danced. This happens three times in his book," she added, asking Mumsnet if she should be "bothered" by the inaccurate pics, as they paint "a picture of a completely different child."

In the comments section, Mumsnet users tried to comfort the mom, suggesting she might be overreacting slightly.

"Sounds fine to me. Sounds like they are working hard to help him adjust and doing their best to get him to play independently," one person wrote.

"The dates are probably just the day they stuck the pictures in the book ... not necessarily the day he did those things," another commented.

"Don't see anything wrong with it? Pictures of him being social, does it matter if it's from the same day? Doubt you'd want 3 pictures of him just holding an adult's hand?" another asked.

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