Walmart Warehouse in Indiana Catches Fire

After a fire on March 16th, Walmart announced they will not reopen their Plainfield warehouse location, leaving 1,132 workers without jobs.

“Unfortunately, the property damage is too significant to reopen the facility for the foreseeable future,” Jason Speedy, Walmart’s Regional Vice President wrote in a letter that was shared with state leaders on April 22.

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Half of the Employees Have Accepted New Positions within Walmart

Walmart says 957 out of 2,098 employees at the Plainfield location have already accepted other positions within the company. Hourly employees who continue to search for work will be compensated through July 1. Salaried workers will receive pay through July 15.

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WTHR reported the following statement shared from Walmart:

"We’re pleased more than 950 associates impacted by the IND1 fire have already selected base-pay-protected roles within the company. We’d like the remaining associates to continue their careers with the Walmart family by transferring to roles within other facilities, including those opening in the near future.

We’ll continue providing resources to associates and directly engage with those seeking employment, as they look to make the right decision for themselves and for their families."

What Caused the Fire?

The cause of the fire has still not been determined.

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