This is one of the scariest things that I could imagine. I wouldn't know what to do in this situation.

I have gone on record countless times by saying that I'm not afraid of anything...except snakes. It's always been that way, and always will. Just the thought of encountering one makes me want to squirm out of fear. If you recall, last year, a woman on the west side of Evansville discovered a snake inside of the gas pump holder while she was pumping gas.

To this day, I always check the gas pump for snakes now...better safe than sorry. Now, I am going to have to start checking my truck for snakes before I get in. All thanks to one woman's terrifying story from outside of St. Louis.

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Woman Discovers Snake By Her Feet While Driving

Imagine this: you're driving, jamming to music, and going about your commute as usual. All of the sudden, you feel something rub up against your feet. You look down and discover a snake at your feet. That's exactly what happened to a woman outside of St. Louis last week.


According to a Facebook post from the Pacific Police Department:

A citizen stopped by the station with a slight problem earlier. She said that while driving she felt something against her feet on the floor. Officers found this nope rope and safely removed it from the engine compartment and released it back into the wild.

Yes, this lady had a snake slithering around at her feet while she was driving and KEPT driving! At that point, I would have tucked and rolled because it is now the snake's car. Granted, she handled the situation more responsibly than I would have, but to keep driving is something that I don't think many people would have done.

So how did it get there?

According to, snakes like cars because they're warm, and they can get in through an open door or window.  But they can also find their way in through the undercarriage of your car. I bet you're going to think twice when you put the car into "drive" in the morning, aren't you? I know that I sure am!

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