She was so close to a triumphant victory, but it just wasn't meant to be. A Missouri woman was showing off an amazing balancing act on a boat trailer recently didn't end well.

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This nice effort happened April 15 near Osceola, Missouri. Here's how this couple ended up in this predicament as described on their video share:

The boat motor broke down and we had to be towed back to the boat ramp and get the boat onto the trailer manually

We've pretty much all been in this situation at some point near or on a river/lake/pond. However, have never tried walking the length of the boat trailer like she...tried to to.

It looked like she had conceded getting wet when she then tried to get back up on the trailer which led to the "splish, splash, you're taking a lake bath" moment. At least she tried.

On a side note, the Osceola, Missouri area is a great outdoor place near the Turkey Creek State Wildlife Area and of course other massive lakes it's to the southwest of. The official Osceola city website claims it's the best hunting and fishing area in Missouri and it's hard to argue with their logic. As far as boat trailer balancing, perhaps they need some practice.

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