Unfortunately, right now it seems like everything is continuing to get more expensive. For our local business owners, this is impacting them in many ways.  In foodservice, the cost of goods has gone up to where you may start noticing a change in menu prices at your favorite restaurant.

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Local businesses are speaking out.

Back in February, you may remember I wrote about Thai Papaya, a locally owned restaurant that serves up delicious Thai cuisine that unfortunately has had to change its menu prices. The owners of Thai Papaya made a post to Facebook asking that customers please know they aren't being greedy, they are just trying to cover the price difference.  In their post they shared how much the cost on their end has gone up:

Fryer oil a year ago was $21, today it is $44. Chicken was $33 a case, today it is $105. Togo boxes was $25, today it is $95. Everything in our restaurant as well as all the others have doubled, if not tripled.
We are not adding $1-$3 more on our meals to get rich, it is to stay in business and fight for another day.

Another Evansville business speaks out.

Another Evansville business has now spoken out about the menu prices having to increase to cover the cost increase on their end.  Twisted Tomato on Evansville's northeast side, shared a note to Facebook in which they shared that they too, will have to increase menu prices. Here's what their note said:

Dear Customers,

We're reaching out to advise you that there will be an increase of prices on our food, to be put into effect on 2-24-2022. This increase is due to the ever increasing food and labor cost.

Twisted Tomato is committed to offering you the quality you expect and deserve. We have found several ways to minimize the price increases while still serving the best possible food to increase the quality of our pizzas and sandwiches. However, this increase is necessary for Twisted Tomato to remain open.

You can see the full note Twisted Tomato posted below.

Supporting local is so important.

If you happen to notice menu prices increasing at your favorite restaurants, please keep these posts in mind.  I'm sure more local restaurants are feeling the heat, and raising menu prices is the last thing they want to do.  These two posts really highlight how important it is to support local restaurants and stores.  Please continue to patronize local businesses and show them support.

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