The mystery of heaven, spirits, and angels has always intrigued me. I have read many books involving near-death experiences and encounters with angels. The thought of angels among us, helping us and protecting us gives my soul a huge sense of peace. Also, the thought of our spirits leaving our bodies and living on after our death fascinates me, too

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Spirit Appears In Photo

Although this photo was taken back in 2016, it still offers an incredible visual of what looks lie a KY man's spirit leaving his body after he passes away after his motorcycle crashed. You can see the photo and listen to the story at the :17 mark.

The man who took the picture was amazed when he looked at the photo and saw the spirit emerging from the scene of the accident and floating upward.

Spirit Emerging From a Life-Flight Helicopter


Take a look at this truly amazing video taken as a life flight helicopter was taking off. Some say it looks like dust swirling about from the helicopter blades. Others, like me, see an angel. What do you see?

Wow, this is an amazing and beautiful visual to behold. Who knows, maybe it's just dust that just happened to form the shape of an angel.

After I posted this video last year, I received an email with a possible explanation for the image in the video from B. Bell -

Leslie posted a video of a helicopter with a supposed angel flying out of it. I just wanted to let you all know that it was simply the Turbo Blow Off Valve releasing from the Helicopter.

Worldwide Sightings of Angels

While that may be true, there have been possible angel and spirit sightings all over the world.

Here is a truly amazing angel video that will leave you speechless.

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