Now that my granddaughter, Norah, is past the baby stage, I'm getting some grandbaby fever. Whether I see them in person or on TV, my heart just melts. I can't wait to have another grandbaby to spoil. I guess that is why photos and videos that my friends post on social media, always get my attention.

I have always loved babies. When my kids were little, I would sometimes work in the childcare that they attended and I loved it. If I could have had more children, I would have. In fact, I tried, But, it didn't work out. It wasn't a part of God's plan. when I became a grandmother, I never knew such a powerful love. I can only hope that I will have a dozen grandchildren. Now, if I could just get my to older kids on board with my plan.

My husband and I will watch videos that we took of Norah when she was a baby. The videos are so cute. She was always trying to talk, even when she couldn't say an understandable word. Looking back now, I can almost make out what she was trying to say.

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She never would have fallen asleep while eating, like this baby boy, because she was always trying to tell you a story. Baby Noah is the one-year-old grandson of one of my lifelong high school friends. He is about to find himself in a food coma and it is the cutest thing. He is so precious.

I can totally relate to how you feel, Noah! LOL


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