Last week at work my friend/co-worker, Hannah showed me a hilarious Tik Tok video of her friend. She told me her friend's video had gone viral on Tik Tok and she knew I'd appreciate it because the video is him singing Creed. The video is hilarious, and I always love a good Creed impression so it was great.  The video is of Skylar Anderton who is from Carmi, Illinois.  In the video, Skylar is doing his best Scott Stapp impression while belting out the lyrics "With Arms Wide Open"

Fast forward to last night, I was scrolling through Tik Tok trying to just zone out and laugh at some videos, and Hannah's friend popped up on my For You Page, but with a twist, Scott Stapp was watching the video too!   Turns out Scott Stapp, lead singer of Creed is a big fan of dueting Creed fan's videos and reacting to their performances.  In the video on the left you see Skylar on stage doing a great Scott Stapp impression, and on the right you have Scott Stapp enjoying the video, he even waves a lighter in the air while enjoying the performance, and at the end mouths "you the man!"


Scott Stapp even shared the Tik Tok duet on his official Facebook page and said:

YOU KILLED IT BRO The passion is undeniable #creed#star#tiktok#witharmswideopen#youtheman

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Maybe one day Creed will make a stop in the Tri-State and Skylar can have this moment with the man Scott Stapp himself up on stage! Wouldn't that be pretty awesome?  If you want to catch up with Skylar, he happens to host his own podcast, called SkysView that he hosts at his studio, CarmiCast.


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