The world is a place of wonder, amazement, and possibilities for children. When it comes to most things, there is nothing that can't be done or achieved for they think they can do it. Just like my granddaughter, she always says she can talk to animals. This weekend, she proved she might be able to do just that.

My four-year-old granddaughter came to visit us this weekend and I took her to play at the park. The first park was very crowded and noisy with kids running around everywhere. She isn't a fan of this kind of chaotic situation. As soon as I saw her giving the stink eye to a child who had cut in front of her and another who had pushed her to the side because she wasn't moving fast enough, I knew I needed to figure out a Plan B.

After we left the screaming and misbehaving children behind, I knew I had to figure out something to do that was a bit more low-key and quiet. Something that involved just the two of us and maybe some squirrels. I asked her if she wanted to go on a picnic at Legion Park and get some peanuts to feed the squirrels and her face lit up.

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Little did I know that I would discover her self-proclaimed superpower of talking to animals.  I didn't get a chance to video her explaining her idea of gaining the squirrel's trust, so I started implementing her plan. I have to admit, the videos showing her process are totally adorable if I do say so myself.



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