March Madness is back for the first time in two years, and many of us have seriously missed our annual basketball bracket tourney.  Now March Madness is winding down as the final two teams are going head to head to find out who is the champion.  It's down to Gonzaga taking on Baylor.

Baylor is an easy one, we all know how to say Baylor, but what about Gonzaga?  Well it turns out the internet is quite divided.  Is it a long A or a short A?  We're all confused.  Mostly I've heard it pronounced as Gon-zah-ga but it turns out students at Gonzaga say that's incorrect.  It's actually Gon-zAg-a with a short A sound. Clear as mud, right?

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A few years ago 4 News Now made a video on how to correctly pronounce Gonzaga, here's what they say:

I feel like the scene in Harry Potter when Harmione says "it's leviOsa, not levioSA."  It's Gon-zAg-a not Gon-Zah-Ga.  But throughout the many years of the NCAA tournaments I've always heard it pronounced as Gon-zah-ga so I thought it was really interesting to learn I've been saying it wrong the whole time.

Still not convinced? Here's a video from Gonzaga University's own YouTube channel, listen closely to how they say Gonzaga.

I'm sure this means my mindwesterner is showing, but all this time I've been pronouncing it incorrectly.  Of course I like to stay up to date with March Madness and each year I make my own bracket to follow along for fun (and try to win a million dollars, but that's neither here nor there haha!).  My bracket was pretty much wrecked from the beginning this year, but I did have Gonzaga wining it all. Since I still feel weird with this new knowledge of how to say Gonzaga, I'll just say go bulldogs!


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