UPDATE: The cat has been rescued! He is with the folks from High Score Saloon. Here's the latest from their Facebook page.

It's kind of become a running joke over the years, involving superheroes or firefighters - the scene from TV or movies where there's a sweet little old lady whose cat is stuck in a tree. But in reality, have you ever actually seen a cat stuck in a tree? I mean, it must happen, but I've never seen it - that is, until today. I didn't see it in person, but I read about it online, and not from some news outlet or even an animal rescue. Nope, I read about it on High Score Saloon's Facebook page. Random, party of one, your table is ready.

Some concerned citizen shared a picture with them, showing some poor kitty cat stuck up in a tree, and I mean WAY up there. High Score Saloon, being the awesome folks they are, jumped right into action - asking the public for help, and even offering up a cash reward. Here's what part of their post says...

High Score Saloon is ready to throw $200 toward the bill if any tree trimming/super hero/whatever mechanism can get that high can be deployed and rescue it. Tag a tree service below. I’m sure if we pool enough funds someone would be willing to help.

The response was immediate and the comments started pouring in. High Score Saloon updated the story saying they do have a tree service on the case, but no word yet on how or when the rescue is going to happen.

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Cats are, clearly, really good at climbing up things, but when it comes to climbing down, not so much. We know that they're great at jumping and always landing on their feet, but that is not a possibility from this height.

So, what do you do if your cat gets stuck in a tree and there are no superheroes or firefighters around to call? According to PetCoach.co, you can try these four tactics:

  1. Coax the Cat Down: try to convince the cat to come down on its own, usually by tempting it with treats.
  2. Provide Assistance: use a laser pointer to get the cat to move down, or lean a ladder or large branch against the tree to shorten the distance the cast has to travel.
  3. Come to the Rescue: climb that tree yourself, with the help of either a ladder or climbing gear - but don't do this alone, make sure someone is around in case YOU fall.
  4. Call for Help: if all else fails, call in the professionals, or like in this case, reach out to a local arcade and see if they can help.

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