A few weeks ago, I saw that High Score Player Two was getting a new Avengers pinball machine, and I kind of freaked out! Then, I had to do a little investigating. They shared the Flip N Out Facebook page, because that's where this awesome game was coming from. I noticed they had an 812 area code, googled the address, and realized that pinball machine with all of the bells and whistles came from right here in Evansville. What the what? So, of course I followed their page and salivated over the coolness of games.

On our 'We Love Local' live broadcast calendar I noticed a familiar name: Flip N Out Pinball. Obviously, I had to be there. I'm sure I made the best impression when I announced that I was moving in. Seriously, I thought I had a cool basement setup, but the wow factor of all the pinball machines lit up was quite a site.

Zack and Nicole Meny run Flip N Out Pinball out of their home, which is amazing. They distribute pinball machines everywhere, and they stay quite busy. And yes, they were nice enough to let me play the Avengers game, only if I promised not to drool on it.

Pinball isn't what it used to be. These machines have built in screens with the characters actually talking or showing scenes from the movie or television show. They are very collectable, and some of them are quite rare. Zach and Nicole distribute high-end machines, so there is a bit of sticker shock. You do get what you pay for, let's just say you won't find anything like this at Sam's Club.

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