Back on St. Patrick's Day, T.Y. Hilton found himself in a position he had never experienced since the Indianapolis Colts drafted him with the 92nd overall pick in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft — unrestricted free agency. Technically, it meant Hilton was no longer a member of the team or any team for that matter. While the possibility was there for him to come back if his people and the team could agree to a new contract, there was also a very real possibility another team could make an offer he couldn't refuse which would have found him putting the Colts in his rearview and suiting up with whoever made the offer when the season kicks off in the fall. Both Hilton and the team had expressed a strong desire to get a new deal worked out however, both also admitted the NFL is a business, and while neither wanted to see the relationship end, they knew the possibility it could was very real.

Seemingly the moment T.Y. became a free agent, fans started the hashtag, #BringTYHome on Twitter in an effort to let the team know they wanted them to do whatever possible to keep him from walking away.

Some simply asked politely. Others wrote songs. Some decided to go, um, a different route.

Whatever approach was taken seemed to work as T.Y.'s experience as a free agent was short-lived. One week to be exact. But, it did come with a bit of drama. Shortly after announcing a new one-year contract for $10 million, it was reported, and confirmed by Hilton himself during an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, he had turned down a bigger offer from the Baltimore Ravens in order to return to Indy. It was also during that interview Hilton reiterated his desire to play his entire career with the Colts if possible, and the outpouring of support from fans on social media were both major factors in his decision to return. Shortly after signing his new deal, he let fans know how much their support meant to him.

Fast-forward to earlier this morning (Thursday, April 1st), and T.Y. took time out of his day once again to thank fans for their overwhelming support. Only this time he did it in front of the camera for the team's Twitter account.

Welcome home, T.Y. Welcome home.

[Source: Indianapolis Colts on Twitter]

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