The Highland Baseball Challenger League is preparing for their trip to play at the Little League World Series this summer and they need your help to get there.

These amazing boys and girls will take the field this Sunday, June 10th at historic Bosse Field for a very special double-header. All proceeds will go towards the Challenger League's travel fund. Ya' see, the league is trying to send a bunch of players to Williamsport, PA this August for the Little League World Series. The team is one of only two Challenger League teams in the country invited to play in this exhibition game. Simply put...this is a really big deal, and we'd hate for anybody to miss this opportunity because they couldn't afford the trip.

So get your booty out to Bosse Field and show some love to these kids and volunteers. I promise you'll be uplifted by what you see. Details below...

  • Gates open at 11am.
  • Game 1 starts at 1pm featuring the Cubs/Reds vs. Mets/Yankees
  • Game 2 starts around 2:15pm featuring the Marlins/Braves vs. Royals/Cardinals
  • Tickets are $5 and $10

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