As Hurricane Dorian moves north, blood donations are needed to ensure hospital shelves remain stocked with lifesaving blood for patients in need. To date, this powerful storm has already forced the cancellation of nearly 50 Red Cross blood drives and donation centers in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina resulting in more than 1,200 uncollected blood and platelet donations.

To help those battling injury and illness, eligible individuals in parts of the country unaffected by the storm are urged to roll up a sleeve and give blood and platelets today.

Right now, the American Red Cross has an urgent need for blood donations following a summer shortage. It is expected that fewer donors will come out to donate at drives in and around affected areas due to poor weather conditions.

The Red Cross strives to always keep a sufficient blood supply on hand to meet the needs of patients every day and be prepared for emergencies of all types.

Additionally, through a national inventory system, the Red Cross has the ability to move blood around the country to wherever and whenever it is needed most. To assist local blood centers in Florida, the Red Cross has sent approximately 350 blood products to ensure patients have access to lifesaving blood as hurricane warnings and evacuations keep many from giving.

This hurricane season patients in need will rely on the generosity of blood donors in the wake of disaster.

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