Left Turn Productions is looking to the community for an important project.

Left Turn Productions Facebook Page
Left Turn Productions Facebook Page

Left Turn Productions is committed to highlighting issues that our community face. They do this in a fantastic way of raising awareness by creating high quality short films.  They've already made films highlighting important issues in our community, such as poverty in Evansville, racial division in the community, and the foster care crisis. I highly recommend checking them out. You'll be inspired to help become a part of the solution. They also show you a side of Evansville you may not be familiar with. It's absolutely something you can learn from. In fact, their short film Left Turn 2, was recently nominated for an Ohio Valley Regional Emmy!

Their next issue their tackling is extremely important. They're working on a film about addiction.  As you know there is a huge problem with substance abuse all over the country, and Evansville is no exception.  In their upcoming film they'll be highlighting the impact of addiction through the eyes of family. Here's what Left Turn has to say about their upcoming film, Treatment:

The story of a woman's struggle to recover from addiction and trauma, told from the perspective of her teenage son.

If you'd like to help support them on their mission to raise awareness and help promote solutions to issues that our community face every day, please consider making a contribution to their Kickstarter, here!


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