None of us like all the changes, and restrictions, and cancellations that we've seen this year, but what that's done is forced us all to get a little more creative with how we do things. The folks with Downtown Evansville aren't gonna miss an opportunity to hang out with Santa Claus, and you shouldn't miss it either.

So, head downtown for a FREE Curbside Santa Visit this Friday, December 11th from 5pm-7pm. We'd love for you to start your trip (from the warm safety of your vehicle) at Riverside and Main. Head up Main Street, towards the Ford Center, take in all the beautiful decorations, including the 12' giant nutcrackers, the Wall of Lights, a 12' snowflake, and more, as well as some new installations. Also be on the lookout for those two sisters who love to spend time in the snow.

Once you make it to the end of Main Street, you'll see Jolly Old Saint Nick hanging out in front of the Ford Center, and that's where you can have your curbside visit with Santa. Please stay in your vehicle while you wave to Santa, and one of his helpers will bring you a complimentary holiday ornament.

As of right now, the weather outlook for Friday evening looks pretty good, but if that changes, the Curbside Santa Visit will be moved to Saturday, December 12th.

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