Popular Evansville Restaurant Opening New Location in 2022

You may remember we told you another Evansville area restaurant was going to be moving in 2022. Unlike the announcement in November that IHOP, a national chain, would be closing down its current location as soon as its new building is complete at the corner of Burkhardt Road and the Lloyd Expressway, this move, which has since happened, involved one of the city's locally owned businesses.

Where is The Granola Jar in Evansville Going to Be Located?

According to Evansville 411 News, The Granola Jar Cafe and Bakery, a favorite of Evansville locals, planned to move their east side location. Previously located at 111 South Green River Road, The Granola Jar Cafe and Bakery is now making its home on East Virginia Street.

The Granola Jar East cafe and bakery is moving to 5600 E Virginia Street and will be located next to Shannon Aleksandr's Salon & Spa. The new location is tentatively slated to open at the end of January.
The Granola Jar East is currently located at 111 S Green River Road and will remain open until the move is complete.


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New Plans for The Granola Jar in 2022

We also mentioned that The Granola Jar Cafe and Bakery had teased a potential expansion in the future as well. It turns out there has been an official announcement regarding an all-new location. According to Evansville 411 News, you will be able to find the new location on State Street in Newburgh, Indiana.

Warrick County Development: The Granola Jar is expanding to Newburgh!
Location: 333 State Street
Opening: Spring 2022
The cafe and bakery plans to expand their hours to include Saturday as well for the Newburgh location.

Currently, there are two locations - 1033 East Mount Pleasant Road and the new east side location at 5600 East Virginia Street.

The Granola Jar Cafe and Bakery has been a part of the Evansville restaurant scene since 2006. With a menu that extends beyond granola with sandwiches, salads, and other delicious offerings, the Granola Jar Cafe and Bakery have become a staple for Evansville residents.

[Source: Evansville 411 News via Facebook]

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