I think that I've found our next vacation spot, when we are ready to travel again. Okay actually, my husband found it last week, and he hasn't stopped talking about since. He is a huge Tiger Woods fan...He even has a Tiger Woods Pop Vinyl figure on his nightstand. So, when he found out that Tiger was opening his first public golf course Payne's Valley, it went straight to his bucket list.

Payne's Valley Cup
Getty Images for Payne’s Valley

I'm not usually a 'Cabin' vacationer. Actually, I've never stayed in one. When I think about getting away, I like to stay in a hotel with amenities. So, to convince me to agree to a trip that includes the word Glamping, the accommodations had better be amazing.

As I researched Big Cedar Resort, I quickly found out that this place is super nice. The owner knows a thing or two about the outdoors, he happens to be the CEO of Bass Pro Shops. It's located in Ridgedale, MO. which is near Branson, and about a 6 hour drive from the Tri-State. It's basically the same distance that Gatlinburg is from Evansville, just in another direction. It's smack dab in the heart of Missouri’s Ozark Mountains. Big Cedar is like an entire town full of cozy retreats, basically every outdoor activity you can imagine, including some of the best golf courses in America, an extremely relaxing spa, tons of stuff for families to do together like bowling and hiking. That's really just the beginning of what this resort has to offer.

Photo Gallery: Glamping at Big Cedar Resort and Payne's Valley Golf Course

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