The price military families pay as they serve our country goes unseen too much of the time. This one can be seen. It's a video shared by a military family as their little girl was surprised by her Army dad after 7 months apart as he completed training in Missouri.

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Derick Nazario, 25, a Private Second Class in the U.S. Army, left home in March 2020 for basic training in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri according to the video description. His daughter Skye is 3 years old and hadn't seen her dad for 7 months and was not aware that he was coming home. This is the reunion moment as it happened as Derick called out “My Beautiful Skye” - a name only he has ever called her.

Gotta love her response of "Papa!" when she realized her dad was home. Derick's wife Naiomy said that their daughter cried often when he was away which made the surprise reunion even sweeter.

Based on the backstory shared on the Rumble video, the family is originally from Florida with Army travels causing them to move between Missouri, Colorado and Texas, too. I've seen many military families who experience long periods of separation depending on what the next deployment happens to be. It's easy to take for granted having all of your family together when many military families like Derick's living apart while they serve the rest of us.

Never forget these families as you enjoy your freedom. To the Nazario's, I say "we salute and appreciate you".

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