There are Wingate Hotels all over Illinois. The exact location of this one has been kept secret because of the things that went down at it. This video is hard to debunk...I have watched it several times, and it all seems legit to me.

John the security guy was call to this vacant room, there were reports of disturbing noises and screams. NO ONE was checked into the room.

John could hear the screams, as reported. He knocked, no one answered. He stood and listened and finally opened the door.

John was very hesitant opening the door, obviously. Screams coming from a room when no one is in there?? Get me the hell out of here.

John reported that the shower was on, the furniture was upside down, and the carpet was ripped up....all with no one in the room!?!

It was at this moment when John had enough and got out, and on the radio said that the police needed to be called ASAP.

What the heck is going on at this Wingate Hotel. How can you explain screams with no one in there and all the damage? How do you also explain John the security going it alone? Hell. No.

At the end of this video, they slow down things incase you missed "something" getting out of the room that wasn't John. There for sure was something that made an exit...

So what's the real story with room #209 at this Illinois Wingate Hotel? Here's the full length video, see what you come up with:

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