I predict this will make you miss Chris Farley even more than you likely do now. A rare video has been shared showing him portraying Matt Foley Motivational Speaker years before he debuted on SNL.

According to Wikipedia, Matt Foley Motivational Speaker was first presented on Saturday Night Live on May 8, 1993. Before the rest of the world knew about the talent of Chris Farley, he was a cast member for The Second City in Chicago. His Matt Foley character debuted there sometime in 1990.

I have previously come across audio performances by Chris Farley during his Second City days, but never video before now.

It would be a good 3 years before Matt Foley would explode onto TV's around the world making it difficult for David Spade and Christina Applegate to stay in character instead of falling over laughing at Chris.

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The Second City has some great backstory about how Chris became a part of their cast after he grew up in Wisconsin. Several years ago on their Facebook page, they shared a fun skit featuring Chris and future SNL actor Tim Meadows.

We lost Chris Farley on December 18, 1997. While many remember Chris and his SNL days, those of us that are Second City fans will always associate him with that cast. And continue to miss him.

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