One of the things I missed the most, during the pandemic, was hugging. Everybody knows that I'm a hugger. If you are my good friend, someone I've known forever, or even someone I have just met for the first time, I WILL hug you. Well, that is, before COVID-19 took over our lives and kept us apart for over a year.

It just makes me feel good to hug. Even though some people (all my radio husbands: Jon, Dave, and Ryan) act like they don't like my hugs, I always hug them anyway. When social distancing became a new norm, it hurt my heart. Since I use hugging as a greeting, I felt awkward and weird just standing there not knowing what to do. What was really hard was not hugging my dad,  my two older kids, my granddaughter to close family and friends. It was so hard.

Now, I have seen on social media, people having a Hug Party after they and the other people at their party have been vaccinated. I was like, YES! It brought tears to my eyes seeing all of the love and smiles. It was like I was hugging them too.

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Sorry, I don't have an example to share, but their hugging parties were private, not public. I guess with the first few hugs after the COVID-19 pandemic loosened its grip, they wanted to keep to the wonderful hugs to themselves.

Hugging is good for you too. I now have science to back it up. If you aren't a hugger take notes. According to, hugs are actually good for your health. They not only make you feel valued and important by the person hugging you, but hugs can also actually make you feel physically better.

  • helps your nervous system
  • refuses stress
  • boosts your mood
  • relaxes your body
  • helps slow your heart rate

Ok, so when the time is right and hugging is a thing that we can do safely, go give some hugs. Let me start with a virtual one. ((((((((HUG))))))))


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