Break out your rain boots and umbrella. You may even want to get a rowboat or kayak handy just in case because after picture-perfect days on Sunday and Monday, Mother Nature is set to give us a good dousing Wednesday and Thursday.

According to meteorologist Joe Bird with Eyewitness News, a weather system will start to make its way into the Tri-State late Wednesday morning bringing with it several rounds of rain that will last into Thursday evening that could drop anywhere between two and four inches of rain on our area.

The system will also bring a marginal risk of severe weather with damaging winds and large hail being the two main threats. A "Marginal" risk is the lowest on the National Weather Service's severity scale.

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If we get that amount, be prepared for any low-lying areas or other places on your property that are prone to flooding (like my backyard) to do just that.

Keep in mind, we are talking about the weather here, and as well know all too well, especially here in the Tri-State, things could change quickly. The system could shift one way or the other depending on which way the wind blows (literally) which would change the entire dynamic. With that said, both the National Weather Service and Joe Bird appear to be pretty confident we have a substantial amount of rain headed our way over that 36-hour timeframe.

The good news is, once the rain moves out, we're looking at a return to beautiful days just in time for the weekend and the early part of next week.

Check out Joe's forecast from Wednesday afternoon in the video below.

[Source: Eyewitness News on Facebook]

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