My personality is very complicated. Like many people, I consider myself a brave and strong person, until I have to face my fears. As much as I hate to admit it, I have a few pretty big fears that will stop me in my tracks. One of those is falling.

I know that seems a little weird. My fear is not really of heights, but of falling from a high place. When I'm on a plane, I'm fine. Well, not totally fine. I have some Claustrophobia and control issues with a very strong need to fly the plane. Yes, you are right, I do NOT know how to fly a plane. it's merely a control thing. Did I say I have a few issues? I meant several.

When I saw photos of the sky pool in London, I felt sick to my stomach. The feeling was very similar to when I was up in the St. Louis Arch and the wind made it move a bit. I fell to my hands and knees and crawled to the elevator. It was very embarrassing for me and all that were with me.

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So beware, if you get queazy like me when you think of heights or falling from heights, these photos will freak you out.

World's First Ever Sky Pool

The first-ever sky pool connects two buildings over the streets of London.

The Sky Pool reminds me of the glass deck at the Grand Canyon. NO way. Again, if we ever go, I will just watch Quenton and take photos of his death-defying experience.



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