This weekend thousands of Ohio Valley Conference basketball fans will be in Evansville, so I've complied a list of things they MUST do before leaving! 

Photo By Deb Turner

Here's 5 fun things to do while in Evansville!

1) High Score Saloon

If you're over 21, this is an arcade, that also serves up beer! They've got so many fun arcade games and pinball machines, you can spend hours there! And they're just a short walk down the street from Ford Center!

2) Maidens/Myriad/Carsons

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Are breweries your thing?  We've got a few really great breweries in town that I highly recommend trying! Myriad is located in Downtown Evansville not too far from Ford Center! Maidens and Carsons are both just a short drive (or Lyft/Uber ride) away from Downtown!

3) Wessleman Nature Society

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If you've got kids this is definitely up your alley! They have a really fun new naturescape just for kids, an all kinds of fun activities.

4) Franklin Street

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Evansville's west side Frankin street is full of fun things to do. They've got everything from shopping, to bars and restaurants.  They have stuff for kids too! Want to take them to do something fun, stop into Snickerdoodle art, or over to Milk and Sugar for some ice cream!  Don't forget all the delicious restaurants too!

5) Mesker Park Zoo

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We have a pretty awesome zoo in town, it's a short drive from downtown!  If you're struggling with the Winter blues you've got to check out Amazonia, it's an attraction inside the zoo that has a constant 75 degree temperature where you can explore animal and plant life in the rain forest!