The Dunigan YMCA on Evansville's east side hosts a number of programs for kids in the community, and they could use some sports equipment for those kids to play with. Any chance you might have some to spare?

The facility is looking for "slightly used sports equipment" such as golf clubs, baseball bats and gloves, along with fishing rods and reels. They'll also gladly take any Nerf guns, basketball shoes or cleats you don't need anymore.

I know of plenty of things at my house they can have. There's a corner of my garage full of baseball mitts, bats, and helmets my kids have outgrown, and a plastic storage container overflowing with Nerf guns they haven't used in I don't know how long.

Keep the Dunigan YMCA in mind as you start getting ready to do some spring cleaning, or next time you work on de-cluttering your house or garage. If there's something you're not sure they'll want, shoot them an e-mail at and ask. Or if you're pretty confident they'll will be able to put the stuff you have to good use, drop them off at the Dunigan YMCA front desk and be sure to tell them to get them to the sports department.

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