I don't have to tell you that Hamilton is one of the biggest, winningest musicals of all-time. I also don't have to tell you if you have Disney Plus, you have watched it at least once. One Evansville teacher is taking a number from the show to "welcome back" his students".

Darrin Carnahan is a U.S. History teacher at Helfrich Park STEM Academy and while he's been with EVSC for 29 years, this will be only his fifth year back in the classroom after working in administration for 14 years. He's already used a few Hamilton tunes in the classroom but he went big on this parody of King George III's "You'll Be Back".

If you recall Jonathan Groff's performance on the Disney Plus film version of this song, there was a little saliva situation at one point. For reference, starting at 1:47:

Carnahan has also tackled country music. Here's his parody of Chris Stapleton's "Broken Halos", "Broken Pencils".

I love that his YouTube channel avatar is Prison Mike from The Office. Good luck to Mr. Carnahan and his upcoming class of 8th graders.

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