It's been a big month for Sam Schulz. The Memorial high school student is celebrating one of life's biggest milestones - his 16th birthday. Anyone who knows Sam knows he is a pretty special kid, er, I mean young man.

Sam (and his sister Sophie) suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa. The disorder is often referred to as 'the butterfly disease' due to the fact it makes the skin very fragile, like butterfly wings. Those with this disorder experience painful blisters that may appear after any minor injury, or even from just rubbing or scratching the skin. As you can imagine, this comes with constant pain, and worry - never knowing what everyday activity will cause more painful blisters. If there's anybody that deserves some joy, it's Sam - and thanks to a good friend, he was overwhelmed on his special day.

Tyler Jay Moore is Sam's buddy, and he has some contacts in the sports world (Did I mention that Sam is a HUGE sports fan?). Tyler wanted to make this the best birthday ever for Sam, so he reached out and asked some superstars in the world of sports to wish Sam a happy birthday. We're not talking about a handful of people and some minute-long video - we're talking about dozens of athletes and a video that takes about 10 minutes to get through. This thing is legit awesome!

When I say athletes and superstars, I mean some of the very best in the world - unless you think there's a better hockey player than Wayne Gretzky. Yeah, he's in the video. How about the all-time winningest Olympian, Michael Phelps? Yep, he's in the video too. How about the UFC Light Heavyweight Champ, Jon 'Bones' Jones? Yessir! Tony Dungy is in it too, and he steals the show as always. You'll see athletes from all the sports, and even a few musicians. The outpouring of love is just overwhelming.

Please, please, please take 10 minutes and watch this video, it is guaranteed to make you smile - maybe even tear up a little bit (I'm not crying, you're crying!).

All of here at MY105.3 would like to join in and with Sam a very happy, and belated, 16th birthday. You are clearly blessed with some amazing people in your life buddy!

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