Thursday was our first day to get back to our regular volunteer schedule with Mickey's Clean Team. Every day of the month one group picks up trash in and around the park. The Parks Department also does their regular maintenance, but since the community built Mickey's Kingdom, we like to make sure it's as clean and safe as it can be.

Mickey’s Kingdom is a 21,000 square foot playground for children of all abilities located on the Evansville, Indiana Riverfront. The park structures are made from recycled milk jugs, has a rubber surface, world’s tallest solar CommuniTree and exterior lighting. Mickey's Kingdom named for Mykenna “Mickey” Phernetton, who suffers from Prader-Willi Syndrome.

Since Bobby and I were a part of the building process, we take it personally when someone tries to muck it up, on purpose. Putting curse words on equipment with permanent marker, would be a pretty good example of something that makes us mad. Thankfully, we have amazing listeners that come out and help us.

Kevin Winschief listens to our show every morning and we interact on Facebook all of the time. We finally met in person when he came out to help us clean. Kevin came in clutch when it came time to remove the graffiti. He happens to work for Advanced Disposal, and has professional-strength cleaners right there on his truck. Even with pro spray and a lot of elbow grease, it was a challenge to get all of the profanity off of it. Thanks to Kevin, the graffiti is pretty much gone, the sun will do it's part to fade it out.

Before: We had to censor the profanity.
Photo_ Cindy Tudors

Our puny wipes were not making a dent in the marker, so Kevin brought in the pro cleaner and got to work.

Kevin really scrubbed the permanent marker. Photo: Liberty

Kevin was able to get the playground piece almost completely good as new!

All Cleaned up! Photo: Liberty
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