One Evansville, Indiana Tavern had a little fun with their outdoor signage last week when they shared a rather titillating message about the weather.

Signs Can Be Handy

Signs are really handy. They tell us when to stop when to slow down, if the road is narrow, or if we can park on the street. They also are convenient for articulating what to expect from a place of business - is it a coffee shop, a bakery, a retail store? Are they running any specials?

neon sign
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Signs are Everywhere

Tesla sang about Signs,

Signs Signs
Everywhere there's signs
F***ing up the scenery
Breaking my mind
Do this, don't do that
Can't you read the sign


A Whole New Level

Obviously, signs are important for delivering messages but one Evansville tavern took its signage to the next level with a bit of a cheeky message it put up last week.

In fact, some of the Facebook comments on the post made by the Hornville Tavern expressed some awe and even disappointment in the choice of messaging.

Really It is Hilarious - Some Might Even Say Titillating

We, on the other hand, find it absolutely hilarious! The Hornville Tavern poked a little good-hearted fun at the crazy Indiana weather - it's freezing one day and mid-50s the next. I don't think any of us can argue that Mother Nature may be a little all over the place with the thermostat these days and the Hornville Tavern made light of it with its funny sign:

hornville tavern sign with funny message
Hornville Tavern via Facebook


That is the message the tavern shared. Again, we think it is hilarious but not everyone seemed to think so. Honestly, our nipples are confused by the weather too.


I'm Hungry. Where Can I Find Hornville Tavern?

Located at 2607 West Baseline Road, Hornville Tavern sits nestled just north of Darmstadt, Indiana between several tracts of rural farmland. It has been a part of the area's landscape for a very long time and serves up a delicious menu and cold drinks. It has even been immortalized in film!

What Movie Was Hornville Tavern Featured In?

You may have heard of the movie A League of Their Own. Released in 1992, the movie tells the story of women's baseball in America during World War II. Starring the likes of Tom Hanks, Madonna, Geena Davis, Lori Petty, and other 90s big-name Hollywood stars, a good portion of the movie was filmed here in Evansville.

clip from a league of their own
ColliCub via YouTube

The Suds Bucket aka Hornville Tavern... Sort Of

A League of Their Own filmed a great deal at Evansville's Historic Bosse Field but it wasn't the only Evansville landmark featured in the film. Hornville Tavern also makes an appearance in the movie. Filmakers utilized the outside facade of the Horville Tavern as the exterior of the ‘Suds Bucket’ bar featured in the movie. (The scenes filmed inside the "Suds Bucket" were done inside another bar located just outside Chicago.)

I don't know who is actually responsible for the sign at the Hornville Tavern, but lets just say, I can't wait to go get myself a tavern cheeseburger sometime soon!

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