If you've been able to see color since birth, it's hard to understand what this Midwest kid just experienced. He was given glasses that enabled him to see color for the first time in his life and the moment overwhelmed him.

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Here's how he described what you're about to see:

I was gifted colorblind glasses. My friends EJ, Treyson, Wolow, Robert, Lexi, Janessa, Davianna, EJ’s mother Angie, and EJ’s sister Alyssa all came together to buy me colorblind glasses for my 19th birthday. They did it because they’ve known for a few years now that I’m colorblind and haven’t seen most colors ever in my life. The ending result was me crying as a reaction to putting the colorblind glasses on for the first time ever.

What a great moment.

Colorblind glasses are a relatively new technology. One website I found shows the options aren't really that much more expensive than regular prescription glasses costing a couple hundred dollars.

The National Eye Institute mentions that colorblindness often runs in families. It doesn't necessarily mean the person can't see any color although that can happen. Most often it's not being able to tell the difference between red and green or blue and yellow.

Awesome that the kid and his family decided to capture the moment and share with others. If nothing else, it can give hope to others that suffer from that challenge that there is hope and solutions out there.

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