Hold onto your Demogorgons becasue Stranger Things have happened...

Baskin Robbins Facebook
Baskin Robbins Facebook

After almost 2 years of waiting, this Summer we FINALLY get season 3 of Stranger Things, and I cannot wait to see what season 3 holds for our favorite motley crew of pre-teens.

So when I saw on Facebook that a Stranger Things themed ice cream was coming out, it got me even more excited for the upcoming show, because we are officially a month away from the season 3 release.   In the teaser video below you hear the signature Stranger Things theme song, but you don't get a lot of info on the product itself, just a quick image of it.  It looks to me like a waffle bowl (possibly of the Eggo waffle variety ala Eleven??) with red and white sprinkles, ice cream, and red syrup (strawberry maybe?).  Could it be an ice cream treat made to resemble a Demogorgon?  Is it a special Stranger Things Themed flavor?

Either way we'll find out next month when it's released, and it's hitting the Tri-State too.  The post below is from the Baskin-Robbins Evansville Facebook!



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