Due to Coronavirus Goodwill donation centers are temporarily closed. Goodwill is now asking residents please hang onto their donations.

In a press release from the Evansville Goodwill they announced that their donation centers and stores will be closed to the public in response to the stay-at-home orders.  Goodwill says that it's hard to keep up with cleaning, processing,and sanitizing materials that come in, and it's beginning to be a health hazard.

President and CEO Connie Ralph made the following statement:

“We truly appreciate the generosity of the public, but at this time we have to kindly request that donations be held until we are fully staffed again, we are monitoring our locations for drop-offs, but it has become increasingly difficult to do so. And when donations are left unattended, they become a target for criminal activity and breeding ground for unhealthy conditions. So, we are asking our generous donors to help us keep a safe environment around our stores and in our communities by holding onto those donations until we can accept them again and provide a face-to-face ‘Thank You.’”

We will keep you updated when Goodwill is accepting donations again.

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