Yes, your eyes are deceiving you. While this meal looks like Popeye's chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, it is actually something a little sweeter.

Over the past few years, there has been a Popeye's Chicken craze all over the country. It seems like people are just now starting to realize how good Popeye's really is. I mean, if you ever watched Adam Sandler's 2000 comedy, "Little Nicky", you would have already known that...

Now, one Evansville eatery has created its own version of Popeye's Chicken, but it's not what you'd expect by looking at it.

Agape Graze
Agape Graze

Agape Graze's "Chicken Combo Meal"

Agape Graze, on Evansville's east side, is a charcuterie catering & edible gift delivery service located at Venue812, the former Western Ribeye building on North Boeke Road. Jessica Machen, the owner/operator, opened Agape Graze in 2020 after realizing that the Evansville area needed a luxury gift delivery service that wasn't floral arrangements. They offer a wide array of meats, cheeses, fresh fruits/veggies, and other garnishments, and Jessica can get pretty creative with them if you have seen their posts on Instagram and Facebook. That's where the new "Chicken Combo Meal" comes into play.

Agape Graze
Agape Graze

This looks exactly like a Popeye's Chicken Nugget meal with mashed potatoes and gravy, but there's more than meets the eye with this meal. What looks like chicken nuggets is actually chocolate-covered strawberries! According to the website:

White chocolate-covered strawberries disguised as Popeyes Chicken nuggets, with a side of “mashed potatoes with gravy” (cream cheese dip smothered in caramel sauce).


I asked Jessica how she got that fried chicken look out of the strawberries, and she said that she rolled them in Corn Flakes. It's crazy! The "Chicken Combo Meal" looks exactly like a real chicken combo meal that you'd get at Popeyes!

Agape Graze has added the "Chicken Combo Meal" to the online store. You can order it online to be delivered (up to 20 miles from their location) or for curbside pickup. The "Chicken Combo Meal" can be ordered right now, for a limited time only, by clicking here.

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Oh, and if you think this is cool, Jessica tells me that she will be doing "KFC Drumsticks" soon. Clearly, those will look like that delicious fried chicken legs that you'd get from KFC, but what they will really be, has yet to be announced!

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