Everyone loves trying to solve a good mystery - a whodunnit - and everyone loves helping non-profit organizations. Aurora Evansville is giving you the chance to do both at the same time with their 2022 Murder Mystery Dinner Show.

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What is Aurora, Inc?

Aurora is a nonprofit organization that serves the homeless and nearly homeless population in the greater Evansville area. Each year they serve over 500 individuals, including men, women, children, those with disabilities, and the re-entry population. You might remember seeing Aurora in the news for their 48 Hours in the Life homeless experiment back in November of 2021.

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Murder Mystery Dinner Show Details

Aurora, Inc invites you to come and have a yummy meal (catered by Riverwalk Restaurant) and see if you can figure out 'whodunnit' at the return of their annual Murder Mystery Dinner Show on Friday, April 29th from 5:30pm-9pm at the Hadi Temple located at Walnut and Riverside in Evansville. An all-star cast of characters will present an interactive experience. The guest who successfully solves the mystery will win some sweet prizes.

Tickets and Sponsorships

Individual tickets to the Murder Mystery Dinner Show are $100, or you can save some money and get a table of eight for $650. You can also support Aurora through a variety of sponsorships...

  • Character sponsor - $250
  • Thriller sponsor - $1,000
  • Smoking Gun sponsor - $1,500
  • Whodunnit sponsor - $2,500

Purchase tickets or sponsorships here.

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